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100h Bambara Odyssey

Course overview

Method and includes:

  • Access to Kaizen, your e-learning zone by IALG
  • Classes taught by a native teacher
  • Online classes on our dedicated videoconference system
  • A language course tailored to your needs
  • Exercises to validate your skills
  • A real-time tracking of your progress.

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Course presentation

100h Bambara Odyssey online courses

With this 100h Bambara Odyssey online course, you will feel totally immersed with a native teacher, learning the language at your own pace from the comfort of your home. This 100-hour module is ideal if you wish to gain fluidity and the language with a rich vocabulary. 

2 400,00 €
Incl. VAT
Normal Price: 
3 000,00 €
Course fees are per person only, all tax included. Once a course is started, it is not transferable to another person ( it cannot be shared). Please note prices shown all tax inclusive.

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